Cold Atom Interferometric Inertial Measurement Unit
Navy SBIR FY2012.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2012.1
Topic No.: N121-050
Topic Title: Cold Atom Interferometric Inertial Measurement Unit
Proposal No.: N121-050-1128
Firm: AOSense, Inc.
767 N Mary Ave
Sunnyvale, California 94085
Contact: Michael Matthews
Phone: (408) 735-9500
Web Site:
Abstract: AOSense proposes an atom interferometer based inertial measurement unit that is capable of meeting the navigational requirements of surface ships and submarines. Real-world applications require extensive optimization of various interferometer design choices in order to deal with platform dynamics. Our sensor design will also take into account practical implementation such as minimal maintenance, reduced cost, and simplified manufacturing. Our custom parts that have become standard in AOSense sensors will be used to speed demonstration and refinement. These include control electronics, a Doppler cooled atom source, laser hardware and numerous opto-mechanical parts.
Benefits: AI sensors offer unparalleled accuracy, common technology foundation across sensor diversity (clocks, gyros, accelerometers, gravity gradiometers), reconfigurability for diverse environments and low cost. Accurate inertial navigation will be resilient to GPS outages. Any degradation of the sensor signal is graceful, not dramatic, since there are no moving parts, allowing for smooth transitions and few unplanned outages. Application to navigation is a primary goal, but development of sensors which are robust against unwanted environmental conditions are also sought for geophysical and mineral exploration.