ADS-33 Software Application Package (ASAP) for Naval Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Specification Requirements
Navy SBIR FY2005.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2005.2
Topic No.: N05-091
Topic Title: ADS-33 Software Application Package (ASAP) for Naval Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Specification Requirements
Proposal No.: N052-091-0026
Firm: Hoh Aeronautics, Inc.
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Contact: David Mitchell
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Abstract: The U.S. Army Aeronautical Design Standard for rotorcraft handling qualities (ADS-33E-PRF) and its methodologies to define handling qualities criteria have been accepted around the world both as a specification and as design guidance for rotorcraft handling qualities. There are gaps in the coverage of helicopter missions and criteria. These gaps consist of criteria and mission-task-elements related to maritime missions, very large cargo helicopters, handling with external loads, and handling qualities of unmanned aerial vehicles. The original authors of ADS-33E-PRF propose to develop criteria and MTEs to resolve these shortcomings. This work will also result in an ADS-33 Software Applications Package (ASAP). This software will provide a rapid comparison of a helicopter with the new ADS-33 criteria. The helicopter and flight control system may be defined with models in Simulink or Flightlab, or by using transfer function or state space representations. ASAP will show specification compliance graphically, define the response-type, and highlight any unusual aircraft characteristics that should be considered when deriving handling qualities criteria (such as rotor modes at low frequency). The version of ASAP resulting from this work will emphasize maritime missions, and will be upgradeable to include all missions.
Benefits: The proposed upgrades to ADS-33E-PRF will add requirements to make it useful to define handling qualities requirements for shipboard operations for manned and unmanned aircraft. No such document currently exists. The ADS-33 Software Applications Package (ASAP) will allow users to quickly determine if a design is in compliance with the new requirements of ADS-33. This will save hours of engineering labor, and will guarantee that the criteria are correctly interpreted. Once the program is interfaced with Flightlab, it will be possible to determine compliance without having to generate an expensive aerodynamic model, an excellent tool for preliminary design. This capability will also make it possible for manufacturers of smaller helicopters to take advantage of state-of-the-art handling qualities criteria. Finally, once a configuration and flight control design is complete, an interface with CONDUIT will allow the user to optimize the control system gains and time constants. The potential market consists of government agencies, small and large U.S. and foreign helicopter manufacturers, and universities.