Algorithm Development for Standard Interface Compliance Verification
Navy SBIR FY2007.3

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2007.3
Topic No.: N07-185
Topic Title: Algorithm Development for Standard Interface Compliance Verification
Proposal No.: N073-185-0006
Firm: Technology Unlimited Group
1885 Sefton Place
San Diego, California 92107-2623
Contact: John Reddan
Phone: (619) 865-5173
Web Site:
Abstract: This SBIR will implement the Software Analysis of Interface compLiance (SAIL) automatic interface test tool, which will support analysis of software interface implementations relative to a `Reference Interface'. The Reference Interface (RI) consists of a compilable (i.e. source code) definition of the interface standard, and is supported by a Reference Test Definition (RTD) which defines the functional test sequences to be applied to the RI. The SAIL software tool will verify multiple aspects of Interface Compliance: (1) Semantic Compliance, consisting of verification of compliance with the published interface standard (Reference Interface), and examination of the interface for extensions or sub-setting; and (2) Functional Compliance consisting of verification of basic functionality of functions or methods defined in the interface, and verification of error handling. SAIL will perform compliance testing relative to the Reference Interface while providing the user to extend and/or control tool perform through the following mechanisms: (1) User definition of standard interface (Reference Interface), (2) User definition of functional performance requirements, and (3) Plug-in extensions to the functionality verification portion of the tool.
Benefits: SAIL will provide a Generic Interface Test capability that can be applied to virtually any interface software interface. SAIL will permit user extensibility of its functional verification capabilities, which will allow SAIL to function in any target (i.e., execution) environment (including embedded). SAIL also provides the user with the ability to tailor the functional testing function through the generation of Reference Test Definitions (RTD). SAIL is applicable to both DoD and commercial applications. Technology Unlimited Group (TUG) has identified a number of applications to date, including: OEMs for Wireless Communication Devices, Service Availability Forum, and DoD Standards Interfaces.