Software Integration Diagnostic and Predictive Tools
Navy STTR FY2007

Sol No.: Navy STTR FY2007
Topic No.: N07-T015
Topic Title: Software Integration Diagnostic and Predictive Tools
Proposal No.: N074-015-0104
Firm: Semantic Designs
12636 Research Blvd #C214
Austin, Texas 78759-2239
Contact: Ira Baxter
Phone: (512) 250-1018
Web Site:
Abstract: A mixed-initiative tool based on precise, scalable program analyses will be designed to aid a security analyst in checking software source code for large systems in multiple programming languages. Automated analyses will discover a class of well-known and common errors in code. It will find code that appears to be obfuscated and offer it to the security analyst for review. The security analyst will be able to designate key source entities for tracking, and the analysis tool will help him locate and understand the relevant code. The tool will build on DMS, an existing foundation for implementing multilingual source code analyses, for which existing langauge definitions already exist.
Benefits: The work will provide practical tools to enable the analysis of software for errors and malicious code in multilingual software systems. This will raise quality and security of delivered products. It will also enable 3rd party software to be used in new systems, signficantly reducing software development costs and time.