Broadband Infrared Detector Array for Combined Laser Designator / Range Finder
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-140
Topic Title: Broadband Infrared Detector Array for Combined Laser Designator / Range Finder
Proposal No.: N082-140-0162
Firm: RL Associates
1350 Edgmont Ave.
University Technology Park Bldg. 2, Suit
Chester, Pennsylvania 19013
Contact: Richard Billmers
Phone: (610) 499-7529
Web Site:
Abstract: RL Associates, Inc. proposes to study the feasibility of implementing a single high broadband sensitivity, uncooled infrared detector array as a replacement for several of the sensors currently incorporated into the Joint Multi-Mission Electro-optic System (JMMES). Feasibility will be demonstrated using an electron bombarded CMOS sensor based on an InGaAs photocathode image intensifier. The sensor would be capable of replacing the current laser designator and laser range finder detectors, operating at 1.06 um and 1.55 um, respectively. Advantages of this sensor include increased sensitivity, multi-band sensitivity, and the addition of imaging capability to a system currently using several single pixel detectors. This sensor may also be used to replace or augment channels in the JMMES MSI, giving it a third application in a single unit.
Benefits: The commercialization strategy for the laser designator/range finder sensor technology will focus on manufacturing sensors and complete systems for the Navy's ASW Systems Program Office (PMA-264). Applications for the LD/RF are quite broad, and include anti-submarine warfare, mine counter measures, detection of improvised explosive devices, concealed target detection, and search and rescue.