High Resolution RF-Photonic Beam-Forming Modules for Electronically Scanned Arrays
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-167
Topic Title: High Resolution RF-Photonic Beam-Forming Modules for Electronically Scanned Arrays
Proposal No.: N082-167-0566
8711 148th Ave NE
Redmond, Washington 98052-3483
Contact: Walt Charczenko
Phone: (425) 702-8407
Web Site: www.eospace.com
Abstract: EOSPACE will study the feasibility of using two different RF-Photonics modules for performing beam-forming operations in Electronically Scanned Array (ESA) systems. The first architecture utilizes unique High-Resolution Hybrid True Time Delay modules. A second complimentary architecture will use an innovative High-Precision Common Phase Control module. Each of these approaches offers greater performance capabilities, while allowing fiber optic distribution networks to offer a 2x reduction in size, weight, cross-section, and power consumption of ESA systems, with much less susceptibility to EMI effects.
Benefits: Innovative Electronically Scanned Array RF-Photonic Architectures, Components and Sensors The development of the Hybrid True Time Delay and Common Phase Control RF-Photonic modules will allow for greater resolution and precision in ESA beam-forming systems. Their use with fiber optic distribution networks will contribute to a 2x reduction in the size, weight, power consumption, and cross-section as compared to present ESA RF distribution networks. These RF-Photonic modules can also be used in other commercial/military systems that require the distribution, and phase or timing control of local oscillators and microwave signals over fiber optic channels. These systems are as diverse as Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), RF-on-Fiber, Radar Range Test Fields, and Antenna Remoting applications.