Gloves for diver thermal hand protection in cold water environments
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-189
Topic Title: Gloves for diver thermal hand protection in cold water environments
Proposal No.: N082-189-0196
Firm: Gerbing's Heated Clothing, Inc.
750 E Dalby Road
Union, Washington 98584
Contact: Jeff Gerbing
Phone: (360) 898-4225
Web Site:
Abstract: In this effort Gerbing's Heated Clothing will propose two or more glove candidates (prototypes) for further development. We intend to separately identify and embody the best glove design and heating system candidates based upon screening of all available technologies. Glove design focus will be to provide a lightweight glove with moderate insulating properties that provides maximum dexterity and tactility to the user. Heating systems selection will be screened using the following criteria: Thermal transfer efficiency, Ability to provide 100% electrical isolation, ruggedness and robustness, and ease of integration. The end prototypes will be fully functioning units. This will provide the end users with two different glove fabrication methods and two different heating systems. The heating systems should be interchangeable in the glove shells. Power, control and electrical connection systems will be considered, but only inasmuch as their integration into the glove system. This is due to the limited time frame available.
Benefits: Gerbing's realizes the potential of providing active heating garments to divers in extreme conditions. Gerbing's has attempted to transition some commercial terrestrial technology to diving application in the past because of the enormous potential that exists in the commercial sector. This new SBIR effort will allow Gerbing's to dedicate the time and resources to the issue. We can leverage our expertise in terrestrial commercial applications to providing hand wear for underwater use. The next logical step Gerbing's would take would be to modify the product as necessary for commercial use, and to leverage the knowledge gained from the glove effort and apply that to producing active heating garments for feet and torso use.