Weapon System Performance in Complex Radio Frequency (RF) Environments
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-121
Topic Title: Weapon System Performance in Complex Radio Frequency (RF) Environments
Proposal No.: N082-121-0583
Firm: HyPerComp, Inc.
2629 Townsgate Road
Suite 105
Westlake Village, California 91361-2981
Contact: Kuo-Yen Szema
Phone: (805) 371-7500
Web Site: www.hypercomp.net
Abstract: In this proposed effort we seek to develop mesh repair algorithms that optimize preexisting meshes for CEM full wave solvers. We will investigate automated methods for converting asymptotic meshes to full wave CEM solver meshes. Mesh repair modules will implemented and accessed from a stand-alone tool with 3-D visualization capabilities or via C++ libraries that may be added to existing codes. The modules will include mesh resolution and quality repair capabilties using smoothing and mesh regeneration techniques. Mesh connectivity repair will be provided by a method that performs automatic restitching of the mesh across unconnected mesh boundaries. Procedures for converting asymptotic meshes to four sided surfaces, such that new fully connected mesh may be generated, will be implemented and tested. HyPerComp's many years of experience with grid generation technologies makes it well positioned to successfully implement the proposed techologies and provide greater usefullness for preexisting meshes, which can be very time consuming to create.
Benefits: We intend to provide our mesh repair algorithms and mesh repair tool to government agencies and commercial customers interested in using full wave CEM solvers. As these solvers become easier to use and more commonly available, the demand for mesh and meshing repair tools that are optimized for CEM input requirements will grow. We believe that a successful implementation of the goals of this effort will make a highly marketable product, as well as an invaluable companion tool to many mesh generators.