Topology Management for Directional Antenna-based Networks
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-198
Topic Title: Topology Management for Directional Antenna-based Networks
Proposal No.: N082-198-0449
Firm: Scalable Network Technologies Inc
6100 Center Drive #1250
Los Angeles, California 90045-9004
Contact: Rajive Bagrodia
Phone: (310) 338-3318
Web Site:
Abstract: The topology of an ad hoc network plays a key role in the performance of many control algorithms used in the network for purposes such as scheduling of transmissions, routing, and broadcasting. The goal of topology management is to maintain network configuration in terms of wireless links to optimize bandwidth allocation. This Phase I SBIR proposal will pursue both `power control' and `hierarchical topology organization' approaches to to research and develop readily deployable topology management algorithms which address the complexity of mobile ad hoc mesh communication networks constructed of directional antennas, and demonstrate, via extensive QualNet simulation, their ability to optimize total network carrying capacity in a tactical ad hoc environment with unbalanced traffic.
Benefits: Major benefits of topology management in mobile ad hoc networks employing directional antenna include increased network capacity, reduced interference, and reduced energy consumption. Commercial applications include the growing need for mobile networking in cellphone, PDA, laptop, and other personal computing devices. Topology management for diverse mobile networks include uses in commercial aircraft, police ad hoc networks, and disaster relief efforts.