Automated System (H/W & S/W) Test and Repair Tool
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-184
Topic Title: Automated System (H/W & S/W) Test and Repair Tool
Proposal No.: N082-184-0610
Firm: Cybernet Systems Corporation
727 Airport Boulevard
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108-1639
Contact: Chris Lomont
Phone: (734) 668-2567
Web Site:
Abstract: The growing complexity of distributed submarine combat systems has limited the Navy's capability to test and repair software and hardware under a wide range of fault scenarios. As a result, the potential for mission failure due to system faults has risen to an unsatisfactory level. We propose to develop an Automated System Test and Repairer (A-STAR) to simplify the setup and execution of system tests and continually monitor the integrity of combat systems.A-STAR will run as a background process and detect software & hardware faults. A Performance Analysis & Measurement system (PAM) will visualize the real time data like a global Task Manager. The A-STAR program will generate a log identifying any detected problems. An automated trend analysis procedure will mine the event logs and compare attributes like fail states, operating time, processor usage, and others. The key innovations of A-STAR are its integrated monitoring and analysis environment and test scenario generation capability. A-STAR will allow the Non-SME to create a range of simple to complex test scenarios to evaluate the Navy system. A-STAR will then inject appropriate events to simulate system faults, provide real-time monitors of the system, and produce overall mission status reports.
Benefits: The A-STAR technology is directly applicable to the military's ongoing need to develop and test new vehicle and weapon systems. In particular, they can be used to accelerate the turn-around time from requirements generation to deployed systems. A-STAR will also be applicable to testing distributed systems for the Coast Guard, commercial cruise lines, commercial airlines, automotive manufacturers, etc.