UV/Thermal Optimized Rapid Epoxy Curing Source (ORECS)
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-137
Topic Title: UV/Thermal Optimized Rapid Epoxy Curing Source (ORECS)
Proposal No.: N082-137-0897
Firm: Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.
2520 W. 237th Street
Torrance, California 90505-5217
Contact: Vladimir Rubtsov
Phone: (424) 263-6316
Web Site: http://www.intopsys.com
Abstract: Between any graphite composite part that is in contact with aluminum in typical aerospace structures, there exists a fiberglass corrosion barrier isolation layer. New tighter mating tolerances require a different fabrication process. Current galvanic barrier restoration technology is labor intensive and cost ineffective. Therefore, the DoD requires a new source of radiation for rapid curing of the co-developed novel epoxy that is resistant to standard DoD aircraft fluids and environments. The U.S. Navy issued two solicitations to fulfill this need: one for resin and another for hardware. Responding to the call for hardware, Intelligent Optical Systems (IOS), with our vast experience in successful high-output LED-based systems, proposes to develop the novel UV/Thermal Optimized Rapid Epoxy Curing Source (ORECS). IOS will collaborate on the proposed ORECS project with Spectra Group Limited, Inc, (SGL), co-developer of the epoxy. IOS seeks to develop a superbright radiation source in a modular design. Each ORECS module will contain LED cells and will provide combined UV and thermal radiation for curing. These modules will be attached to each other and controlled so that the maximum range of part configurations and dimensions can be cured in the minimum time, saving time and money for the U.S. Navy.
Benefits: The market for UV curable epoxies is enormous. The primary application of the proposed source of radiation is the rapid cure of the newly developed formulations for military airspace structures. In addition to use by the U.S. Navy, however, the commercial applications for UV curable epoxies are vast. Other potential markets for radiation-cured coatings include ink jet printing, solid modeling/prototyping, medical devices, fiber optics, UV-cured powders, adhesives, UV flexo inks and coatings, automotive applications, plastic coatings, compact disk and digital video disk production, and electronics. There is even a potential application in wood flooring, especially in the Western Pacific region.