Automated Maximum Density Analysis Tool for Spot Factor Generation
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-125
Topic Title: Automated Maximum Density Analysis Tool for Spot Factor Generation
Proposal No.: N082-125-0265
Firm: Optimation
704 NW Mock Street
Blue Springs, Missouri 64015
Contact: Michael Lundy
Phone: (816) 729-5241
Web Site:
Abstract: The development and introduction of new aircraft for the Fleet, or the deployment of existing aircraft on a new carrier, requires knowledge of the deck area, or "spot factor," that characterizes the particular aircraft type. Currently, aircraft spot factors are obtained by iterative, manual methods that are very time consuming. NAVAIR is seeking the creation of a software tool to automatically perform these calculations and free manpower for other duties. The problem of maximum density packing of airplanes in available deck space is largely equivalent to that of reducing material wastage in stamping and cutting operations in the metal-fabricating, textile, and leather industries, where it is called nesting. Optimation is a leading U.S. provider of nesting software to the metal-forming and textile industries, with more than 500 customers worldwide. To meet NAVAIR's needs for an automatic spot factor tool, Optimation proposes to expand and customize its AxiomVE nesting software and its accompanying user interface (UI). Man-decades have gone into the development and testing of AxiomVE to make it versatile and robust. The Navy will receive the benefit of this previous development effort, and it will be leveraged by Optimation to develop the high-capability software that meets NAVAIR's spot-factor-calculation needs.
Benefits: Optimation already has several established product lines targeting the needs of the metal-cutting and textile industries for optimal nesting and productivity enhancement. AxiomVE underlies all of these products. The research proposed here will enable Optimation to explore additional capabilities for AxiomVE that should open new markets for its products. Specific industries to be targeted are the leather and wood cutting industries. Projected revenues from a 20% penetration of these markets, consistent with Optimation's current representation in the sheet-metal industry, is several million dollars over 5 years.