A fast response, open flow, integrating nephelometer for fine scale measurements of aerosol and cloud particles
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-190
Topic Title: A fast response, open flow, integrating nephelometer for fine scale measurements of aerosol and cloud particles
Proposal No.: N082-190-0729
Firm: Droplet Measurement Technologies Inc.
5710 Flatiron Parkway Suite B
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Contact: Gregory kok
Phone: (303) 440-5576
Web Site: www.dropletmeasurement.co
Abstract: An integrating nephelometer is proposed that can be deployed on a variety of platforms including powered aircraft and towed vehicles. The design allows air to pass freely through the sample cell with no restrictions. A sampling rate of up to 100 hz will allow for aerosol flux measurements. The light scattering coefficient will be measured at multiple wavelengths to provide angstrom coefficients allowing for estimation of the average concentration and size of the atmospheric particles. The phase I objective will be to build a prototype unit that demonstrates the concept and evaluates the measurement sensitivity as a function of the design parameters. The simplicity of this instrument will lend itself to deployment on aircraft towed sondes for particle flux or fog visibility measurements near the ocean surface. The light weight and low power consumption of the instrument also make feasible for use on UAVs.
Benefits: The marine boundary layer within meters of the ocean surface is poorly studied. To accurately measure the interactions of waves with the atmosphere, it is necessary to conduct fast response measurements from an aircraft platform. It is impossible to operate piloted aircraft at a level meters or less above the ocean surface. The utilization of a aircraft towed platform can access this region and provide useful information on the sea-atmosphere interaction in this region. This proposal will develop an integrating nephelometer that will be deployed from a towed platform, and allow fast response measurement of aerosol and droplets generated from wave-atmosphere interactions. The data gained from these measurements will be helpful in understanding interactions of hurricanes with the ocean surface, breakup and aerosolization of oil spills, and the flux of salt particles from the ocean surface.