SESI Lidar Wind Profiler
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-195
Topic Title: SESI Lidar Wind Profiler
Proposal No.: N082-195-0872
Firm: Science and Engineering Services, Inc.
6992 Columbia Gateway Drive
Suite 200
Columbia, Maryland 21046-2986
Contact: Geary Schwemmer
Phone: (443) 539-1748
Web Site:
Abstract: We propose to develop a small wind profiling lidar based on SESI and NASA technology that also produces boundary layer, cloud height, and cloud fraction data products. The wind measurements are based on the well established technique of aerosol structure time-lag correlation using a simple elastic scattering aerosol lidar. Accurate and timely cloud parameters (cloud fraction vs. altitude, ceiling, and altitudes of multiple layers) are also obtained using spatial scanning or sampling strategies that are superior to the data obtained from either whole sky imaging cameras or fixed single beam laser ceilometers. SESI is one of the few companies that have transitioned atmospheric lidars to DoD operational readiness, and is pursuing a program to develop wind lidars for multiple DoD and civilian applications. Using pulsed laser beams projected from a small telescope and range gated detectors, we are able to remotely measure 2-D and 3-D wind vectors at contiguous range intervals along a given line of sight without the use of expensive heterodyne or other Doppler technologies required by many other wind lidar systems. The technology is simple, robust, and builds on decades of development by several groups using scanning aerosol backscatter lidar.
Benefits: The proposed innovative SESI lidar technology turns what were previously one-of-a-kind scientific research instruments into a compact, rugged, and affordable operational wind profiling instrument suitable for military and civilian applications. SESI's Phase II instrument will be a production prototype suitable for mounting on ships, UAVs, and other platforms. Civilian applications include airfield wind mapping on a continuous basis and wind data needed for developing and controlling wind energy farms.