Hollow Fiber Freeze Thaw Filter
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-110
Topic Title: Hollow Fiber Freeze Thaw Filter
Proposal No.: N082-110-0398
Firm: METSS Corporation
300 Westdale Avenue
Westerville, Ohio 43082-8962
Contact: Robert Kroshefsky
Phone: (614) 797-2200
Web Site: www.metss.com
Abstract: The Marine Corps currently uses an ultrafiltration device to provide safe drinking water in situations where outside supply is not possible and local water sources are of questionable purity. However, the current device is susceptible to freeze/thaw damage that degrades its filtration capabilities to the point where the user may no longer be protected from endemic biological threats. Under the proposed Phase I SBIR program, METSS plans to use its expertise in testing and polymer chemistry to characterize the current failure mechanism and develop improved porous fibers resistant to freeze/thaw damage while still possessing filtration capabilities that meet the Navy's requirements. This approach will involve commercial industrial support and thus, if fully successful, have an effective plan to provide the product to the Navy.
Benefits: Improved water purification devices developed through this program could be utilized by people involved in remote location activities such as hunting, fishing, and backpacking. Additionally, such devices could be used to lessen the immediate burden on disaster relief agencies.