Low Bend Loss and Rugged Graded Index Multimode Fiber for Ribbon Cable Application
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-115
Topic Title: Low Bend Loss and Rugged Graded Index Multimode Fiber for Ribbon Cable Application
Proposal No.: N082-115-0978
Firm: Agiltron Corporation
15 Cabot Road
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801-1003
Contact: Yuanxin Shou
Phone: (781) 935-1200
Web Site: http://www.agiltron.com
Abstract: Agiltron and StockerYale team proposes to develop a new class of multimode fiber that is more durable, reliable, and tight-bending to replace the current mil-spec qualified fibers used in aerospace. Our approach is a combination of a proven trench assistant design principle optimization and effective carbon coating. The new class of multimode fiber has attributes that is 100 times more bendable than standard 50/125 graded index multimode fiber, fully compatible with Gigabit Ethernet Standard, has low splice loss with conventional 50/125 multimode fiber, can withstand more fatigue with a large stress corrosion factor, and is amendable to be produced by matured optical fiber processes. In this Phase-I program, the basic concept will be modeled and the proof-of-concept fiber samples will be purchased and tested, to demonstrate the feasibility of the technology, and to finalize the fiber perform design and establish the performance characteristics of the product in Phase-II.
Benefits: This low bend loss, high durability multimode Fiber can be used for Ribbon Cable Application in adverse environment conditions of Air force, Navy, and Army. It also finds application in data communications in all civil airplane and shipping industries. Also other typical commercial applications include monitoring of oil wells, undersea data communications, geophysical exploration, power cable temperature monitoring, fire and leak detection, and geothermal well sensing.