HYPERVISION - Tactical ISR System for Small UAVs
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-155
Topic Title: HYPERVISION - Tactical ISR System for Small UAVs
Proposal No.: N082-155-0091
Firm: Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. (OKSI)
19805 Hamilton Ave
Torrance, California 90502-1341
Contact: Nahum Gat
Phone: (310) 756-0520
Web Site: http://www.oksi.com
Abstract: OKSI will implement a single board computer based on a multi-core processor, capable of real-time digital signal processing within the power and size constraints of a UAV the size of the Silver Fox. OKSI's existing hyperspectral band selection algorithm will be ported to this environment. The system will be able to run optimal band selection and anomaly detection algorithms in real time. Digital bands will be transmitted to the ground using a digital transceiver to produce a continuous waterfall display on the ground station. The image will be rendered in near true color and will have the ability to highlight suspected threats. A complete system architecture of the payload will be developed, including a VNIR and a SWIR micro-hyperspectral sensor, the processing component, and the transceiver, all within the constraints of the UAV platform.
Benefits: The proposed flight package includes sensors, onboard processing component, ground station component, and algorithms running in real-time for hyperspectral and EO/IR data exploitation. This system will, for the first time, bring expanded hyperspectral capabilities in such a small, low power package to support front units ISR/RSTA and targeting operations. Additional applications include Homeland Security, law enforcement, drug interdiction and detection of smuggling operations.