An Efficient CFD Algorithm for Store Separation Prediction
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-118
Topic Title: An Efficient CFD Algorithm for Store Separation Prediction
Proposal No.: N082-118-0107
Firm: D&P LLC
3409 N. 42nd Pl.
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
Contact: Lei Tang
Phone: (480) 518-0981
Abstract: This SBIR Phase I project proposes to develop an efficient Computational Fluid Dynamics algorithm for store separation prediction. Compared with overset grid approach, the proposed approach avoids the tedious process for fixing the so-called "orphan points", the failed interpolation grid points. Compared with dynamic unstructured grid approach which requires updating the CFD volume grid at each time step, the proposed approach only needs to update the so-called gridless shape functions according to the instantaneous CFD surface grid and therefore is more efficient and robust. While our ultimate goal for this SBIR effort is to develop an efficient viscous CFD algorithm for store separation prediction, due to the time limitation, our technical objective for Phase I work is to develop an efficient Euler solver for store separation prediction. As a feasibility study, the Phase I outcome will ensure the validity of the proposed approach for fast carriage load prediction. Therefore, it is meaningful to further extend the approach to viscous flow simulation in Phase II.
Benefits: The developed CFD algorithm can be further coupled with six-degree-of-freedom trajectory analysis and used for not only store separation from an aircraft but also booster separation from a space launch vehicle, canopy or shroud separation, and simulation of flight control systems.