Foveal Imaging Night Vision System
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-161
Topic Title: Foveal Imaging Night Vision System
Proposal No.: N082-161-0066
Firm: SA Photonics
650 5th Street
Suite 505
San Francisco, California 94107
Contact: Michael Browne
Phone: (408) 348-4426
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Abstract: Warfighters operating in a night environment are always in search of more situation awareness. For decades, this situation awareness (SA) has been provided at night via monocular (PVS/7 or PVS/14) night vision goggles or binocular (ANVIS) goggles. Although these systems have served our soldiers well with their 40 degree fields of view, warfighters always ask for more field of view for better situation awareness. A number of systems have been fielded which have larger fields of view, but they all require multiple image intensifier tubes and none of these systems are slated for production. SA Photonics has developed the preliminary design for a 80 degree foveated night vision system. By developing a foveated design, one which rolls off resolution and luminance from the center of the field of view to the edge, we ensure that the system will meet the required needs of the warfighter in a package which is neither too heavy nor too large. We feel that the combination of our very promising design, coupled with our expert consultants and our extremely strong record of commercialization will allow NSWC-Crane to field a wide field of view night vision system with tremendous advantages.
Benefits: SA Photonics FoVis foveated night vision system will give users much better situation awareness by doubling the field of view of current night vision goggles. This will allow aviators to fly much more safely and will allow ground troops to see enemy presence much more easily. The FoVis system can be retrofit onto current night vision systems such as the binocular ANVIS imaging system and the monocular PVS/7 so that the Navy will not have to buy new night vision systems.