Engineered Controlled Permeability Fibrous Membrane composite with Active Chemical Biological Deactivation Finish and No Melt No Drip F/R Fabric Liner
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-104
Topic Title: Engineered Controlled Permeability Fibrous Membrane composite with Active Chemical Biological Deactivation Finish and No Melt No Drip F/R Fabric Liner
Proposal No.: N082-104-0927
Firm: EY Technologies
Div. of Pascale Industries, Inc.
939 Currant Road
Fall River, Massachusetts 02720
Contact: Vikram Sharma
Phone: (508) 673-3307
Web Site:
Abstract: Single Layer Non-Woven Material with desired functionalities of Chemical and Biological, Thermal Protection, Water Repellency, and Durability would be similar to NST funded research material integrated with archaic Activated Carbon Fiber technology. EYT contends a lightweight composite material can be achieved by integrating, adapting functional components with low risk and desired functionalities for Uniform Combat Material. Although Nonwovens provide correct guidance, there are some fundamental issues: Not Quiet, Poor CD Strength, Poor Hand, cannot be Post Treated and do not yield to body movements. Activated Carbon technology is deficient technology for CB protection - absorption of environment pollutant irrespective of CB threat). EYT proposes to develop and demonstrate the following technologies to generate a multi-layer composite that has: o CB Protection through Controlled Air Permeable Fibrous Electro-Spun and Melt Blown Fibrous Membranes o Application and Integration of Reactive Nanoparticle Chemical Treatments for Neutralizing CB Warfare Agents o Bi-Layer no Melt No Drip fabrics for Fire and Thermal Protection o Superhydrophobicity - grafting low surface tension chemicals EYT has teamed with leading academic (UMass, UTK, MIT) and Industrial partners (Polartec, BlackDiamond) for this effort integrating Reactive Nanoparticles for CB Neutralization, controlled airpermeable fibrous membranes and No Melt No Drip F/R fabrics.
Benefits: A low cost low risk approach to develop fabrics and textile components that help Reduce Thermal Stresses and improve Water Management properties using existing techniques and commercially available materials will have tremendous application in areas beyond Military application. Such a material and development approach could potentially save significant levels of investments and be applicable for protection for First Responders, Industrial Workers, Health Care Industry etc. Furthermore, material technologies would also have great application in providing high performance clothing, beyond Military, in professional sports arena. Engineered textile materials can help generate a truly comfortable ensemble for the user providing thermal and moisture management and chemical biological protection, which will have applications in all outdoors sports like - racing, protective gear and even provide home market access (personal protection for home). Such an ensemble system composed of multifunctional component technologies for CB protective fabric will yield a Low Thermal Burden System - resulting in a comfortable and wear-and-forget system can be the basis of an integrated Soldiers CB Protection that enables application across all operational environments.