Wireless Sensor Nodes with Energy Harvesters for Joint Weapons Systems Diagnostics/Prognostics
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-109
Topic Title: Wireless Sensor Nodes with Energy Harvesters for Joint Weapons Systems Diagnostics/Prognostics
Proposal No.: N082-109-0968
Firm: Agiltron Corporation
15 Cabot Road
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801
Contact: Jack Salerno
Phone: (781) 935-1200
Web Site: http://www.agiltron.com
Abstract: In this SBIR program, Agiltron proposes to develop a new class of wireless sensor nodes with integrated energy harvesters, which will be indefinitely self-powered, for use in Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) environments. The proposed effort leverages on industry-wide development in ultra-low power sensors and low-power wireless sensor network modules (IEEE 1451.5 standard), as well as Agiltron's recently demonstrated energy harvesting technology. The proposed device and system design would enable high power harvesting efficiencies, superior reliability, a small packaged footprint, and at the same time, manufacturable at low system cost, thereby overcoming major shortcomings of existing technologies. The carefully balanced choice of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and in-house development holds strong promise for near term commercialization. In the Phase I program, sensor nodes with state-of-the-art energy harvesters with ruggedized assembly and packaging that meet the current, voltage, and temperature sensing and wireless transmission requirements in LAV applications will be demonstrated. Fully functional devices will be developed in Phase II.
Benefits: The development of this technology will be beneficial to any DoD or commercial application that requires long-term environment monitoring or autonomous operation of sensors or electronics. The proposed wireless sensor nodes will also be able to survive harsh environments due to their ruggedized structure and packaging. These characteristics help overcome several major limitations of conventional technologies of power generation thereby enabling widespread, reliable and long-term operations of microsystems and sensor nodes for a wide variety of DoD applications. The commercial need for wireless sensor nodes with energy harvesters will apply for non destructive evaluation (NDE) and many other applications such as aircraft or automotive sensors and tire pressure gauges.