Development of Single-Layer Universal Combat Uniform Material
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-104
Topic Title: Development of Single-Layer Universal Combat Uniform Material
Proposal No.: N082-104-0626
Firm: Pelron Corporation
7847 West 47th St
Lyons, Illinois 60534
Contact: Richard Otterson
Phone: (704) 442-9100
Web Site:
Abstract: Protective garments such as the current (JSLIST) commonly use double layer construction consisting of outer shell and inner liner that provides CB protection. The ultimate uniform is bulky, heavy and very expensive due to this design. This SBIR offers an integrated single layer lightweight laminate incorporating CB, WR and FR protection. FR protection would be equivalent or better than existing systems. CB protection would be as outlined in the solicitation and water repellence would be augmented. The laminate from this SBIR would be taken forward in to uniform manufacture. The key challenges to providing a universal garment system lie in addressing the major contributing factor to bulk and weight, the CBRN package. This is currently carbon based with the added disadvantage of being time lined in its performance leading to increased cost overall. This SBIR will develop and use unique and novel membrane laminates to replace the carbon whilst maintaining a high degree of breathability and comfort. The end garments will be significantly lighter. The lightweight FR fabric will offer enhanced FR and WR provided by unique and novel polymer coatings. Any enhancement would be durable and highly water repellent
Benefits: Protection of Military and other personnel from Chemical & Biological attack, coupled with enhanced fire retardency, to protect from fire. Increased lifespan, and hence reduction in cost over the current chemical & biological protection fabrics. Commercial applications include: Protective Apparel such as jackets and trousers, Protective head, hand and footwear such as gloves, socks, balaclavas and boots, and Protective shelters such as tents and bivvy bags.