High-Quantum-Efficiency Photocathode Development
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-162
Topic Title: High-Quantum-Efficiency Photocathode Development
Proposal No.: N082-162-0164
Firm: Advanced Energy Systems, Inc.
27 Industrial Boulevard, Unit E
Medford, New York 11763
Contact: Thomas Schultheiss
Phone: (631) 345-6264
Web Site: www.aesys.net
Abstract: High Quantum effiency photocathodes with long life can provide revolutionary advances in several militarily significant areas. Diamond amplifiers can provide the required efficiency, however, these amplifiers are in invancy stage of engineering and manufacturing. The goal of this SBIR is to demonstrate high efficiency photocathodes by use of diamond amplification producing > 100 gain in current with repeatable and cost effective fabrication techniques.
Benefits: The commercial and R&D applications for High-Quantum Efficiency photocathodes are real and exploitable, provided the technology can be developed for reliable and cost effective production. This high performance photocathode would find application as a replacement cathode in numerous Universities and R&D Institutions. Light sources and next generation energy recovery linac (ERL) light sources are specific examples.