Improved Extrusion and Milling Techniques
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-163
Topic Title: Improved Extrusion and Milling Techniques
Proposal No.: N082-163-1018
Firm: Third Wave Systems, Inc.
7900 West 78th St.
Suite 300
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439
Contact: Cory Arthur
Phone: (952) 832-5515
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Abstract: The overall goal of our Phase I project is to demonstrate the feasibility of innovative high performance machining (HPM) enabled by physics-based modeling the Navy needs to manufacture FlexTech in a mass produced, affordable, high tolerance manner. The anticipated benefits of the program are the application of HPM to aluminum machining and minimized part distortion through the managing of residual stresses resulting in reduced labor costs, cycle time and the creation of large, high tolerance parts. We will demonstrate both our innovative, scalable HPM process utilizing proprietary thermal management techniques in combination with machining modeling and our minimized part distortion method on a representative FlexTech component. Working with suppliers and manufacturers, we will identify the needs and requirements for a Phase II effort.
Benefits: Anticipated benefits of this activity include a feasibility demonstration of the high performance machining process for titanium components coupled with physics-based modeling and minimized part distortion for the prediction and mangement of residual stresses and distortion. Our strategy to commercialize the technology developed in the SBIR program is two-staged. The initial market penetration is achieved through direct partnership with the DoD prime and sub-contractors during the development stage. For example, the Phase I effort will entail significant efforts to get support and collaborate with aluminum manufacturers and suppliers. The partners will take an active role in guidance of technology development, testing and implementation during Phase II. In addition, these partners will work with TWS to identify a possible candidate for technology transition towards the end of the demonstration portion of the Phase II program. This ensures rapid transition to market and maximum benefit to the DoD. Targeted DoD acquisition programs for the HPM process suppliers of FlexTech track to the US Navy fleet. Additionally, TWS will target new programs such as the Navy's DDX.