Long Endurance, High Power Battery
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-143
Topic Title: Long Endurance, High Power Battery
Proposal No.: N082-143-0801
Firm: MaxPower, Inc.
141 Christopher Lane
Harleysville, Pennsylvania 19438-2035
Contact: Ian Kowalczwk
Phone: (215) 513-4230
Abstract: Maxpower Inc. is proposing the replacement of the present UAV-Sonobouy battery chemistry with a novel high power Lithium Monofluoride[Li/(CF)n] system. Though historically used in low power applications, Maxpower has proven that Li/(CF)n systems can meet high power requirements by combining proprietary thin cathode technology with a highly porous electrospun separator. Projections based upon lab scale tests show that a 20% reduction in volume and a 33% increase in flight time can be achieved with this new system. If implemented, the Li/(CF)n chemistry will eliminate the consumption of silver in the current Magnesium/Silver-Chloride system, offering a significant reduction raw material costs.
Benefits: This long endurance, high power lithium-based primary battery will see potential usage in general needs that required health monitorng device. Of specific interests are monitoring of environmental climates and conditions, and, as cited, volcanic and polar ice expeditions wherein batteries with long endurance are needed.