Smart Gasket for Catapult Low Loss Launch Valve (LLLV)
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-120
Topic Title: Smart Gasket for Catapult Low Loss Launch Valve (LLLV)
Proposal No.: N082-120-0423
Firm: Templeman Automation, LLC
29 Miller Street
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143-3520
Contact: Christopher Templeman
Phone: (617) 996-9054
Web Site:
Abstract: absThis project proposes a novel way to monitor critical pressure seals using technology from other fields. The concept is called "TeleGasket" and uses a gasket with integral, inductive sensors in the form of a flexible sheet. These sensors measure compression and other parameters to indicate future seal failure. There are several ways for the sensors to receive power and deliver data without modifying host equipment but the preferred option is a very low frequency inductive coupling. Phase I of the project will design a "TeleGasket" system to suit the Navy's specific requirements and perform experiments on key components to prove the feasibility of the "TeleGasket."
Benefits: The proposed technology, when implemented, will significantly enhance critical pressure seal monitoring and prognostics. In addition to this application, there are many civilian markets where critical seal monitoring is important, e.g. oil, gas, petrochemical, biotech, nuclear, power generation and utility industries. Templeman Automation's (TALLC's) TeleGasket non-contact seal monitoring technology will offer a high value solution to applications that need retro-fittable, responsive, dependable critical pressure seal monitoring and prognostics.