Synergistic Composite Design Data Approaches to Support both Propulsion and Airframe Applications
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-133
Topic Title: Synergistic Composite Design Data Approaches to Support both Propulsion and Airframe Applications
Proposal No.: N082-133-0205
Firm: Renegade Materials Corporation
3363 South Tech Blvd
Miamisburg, Ohio 45342-0826
Contact: Robert Gray
Phone: (513) 310-1052
Web Site:
Abstract: Polymeric composite structures offer the potential for significant weight savings over metallic parts in aerospace applications due to their high strength to weight ratio. In order to design aircraft and engine composite structures, an extensive design database package is required. The generation of this composite database is a time consuming process that can cost up to several million dollars for just one material. In addition, a single design database that can be used for both propulsion systems and airframe structures has never been achieved in the composite industry. The purpose of this Navy Phase I SBIR is to develop innovative methods and analysis techniques that can support both the propulsion and airframe design community to insert high-temperature organic matrix composites into military and commercial platforms. A parallel path approach will be used to experimentally and analytically derive solutions in order to create a single designer database that can be used for allowables. This will provide the existing programs such as JSF as well as future weapon systems with validation and quality assurance of high-temperature composites applied through a database that is common to multiple users, has statistical continuity, and shows reduced testing via use of analytical predictive tools.
Benefits: Military aircraft of all classes are being designed to fly faster and farther than previous weapon systems. Engine ducting, stators and nozzles, along with airframe control surfaces and exhaust-wash areas are now operating in the 204-288C (400-550F) temperature range. This moderate temperature overlap between engine and propulsion composite structure design represents an opportunity to develop/demonstrate methods, approaches, and data sets that can satisfy both interests, while reducing the time and cost burden for the overall air system design. Renegade Material Corporation's MVK-14 with GE Aviation's FreeFormT technology, represents a new class of polyimide composite materials that will operate in this temperature regime. In addition, non-military, dual-use applications involving NASA launch vehicles, space exploration, and satellites are also envisioned.