Offboard Refueling Support System for Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-177
Topic Title: Offboard Refueling Support System for Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Proposal No.: N082-177-1093
Firm: Navatek Ltd
Suite 1110
841 Bishop Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Contact: Jeffrey Kline
Phone: (410) 544-0210
Web Site:
Abstract: It is proposed that a new "refueling mission package" capability be developed for the LCS ASW Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) to perform function of a refueling tanker for refueling other offboard systems (USVs or unmanned underwater vehicles) without restricting host ship operations. Utilizing the existing ASW USV "hard point" deck sockets and command and control, this refueling mission package will minimize impact on LCS by eliminating the need for another unique USV. The refueling USV objective will be to transit to the watercraft, connect a refueling hose to a common port on the watercraft, refuel the watercraft, detach the refueling hose, and return to the host ship without human intervention. We will leverage Oceaneering's Large Vessel Interface Lift-on/Lift-off Crane (LVI Lo/Lo) Program to develop the motion sensing and compensation refueling effector. We propose to demonstrate concept feasibility by integrating Navatek developed USV-to-USV motion simulations with Oceaneering's LVI Li/Lo Land Based Test Facility.
Benefits: This will allow the ASW USV platform to perform generic USV refueling missions without requiring an additional USV platform and support equipment to be stowed and supported aboard the LCS. This effort will leverage the current LCS ASW USV and the ONR Large Vessel Interface Lift-on/Lift-Off Motion Compensated Crane technology.