Efficient, Low Emission Generator
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-105
Topic Title: Efficient, Low Emission Generator
Proposal No.: N082-105-0143
Firm: Kashmerick Engine Systems LLC
1120 Winston Park Court
Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045-2817
Contact: Gerald Kashmerick
Phone: (262) 827-0495
Web Site: none
Abstract: This proposed Phase I effort seeks to advance, and demonstrate feasibility of, a patent-pending technology design to address engine-related concerns in small generators as experienced by the Marine Corps and others. The Marine Corps states that small military generators frequently operate at low loads (below maximum mission profile load) and experience wet-stacking and low thermal efficiency. In addition to addressing these issues, the Marine Corps has also expressed its desire to achieve lower emissions and operational capability across a variety of fuels including diesel and JP-8. These areas can be addressed with an innovative concept to modify a 4-cycle engine into a 6-cycle continuous combustion engine. This system uses the piston/cylinder assembly and a unique valve strategy to compress air, transfer air to an insulated combustion chamber, and transfer the high pressure gases back to the piston/cylinder for power extraction. With load following controls, lower emissions, and the complete combustion of fuel inherent within this proposed engine system, Phase I will evaluate the system feasibility through comprehensive thermodynamic analysis, analysis of thermal and pressure losses associated with valve design, and determining design boundaries of the insulated combustion chamber to achieve enhanced combustion without compromising system life or thermal efficiency.
Benefits: The 6-stroke Continuous Combustion Engine System offers significant potential benefits for the Marine Corps and the commercial utility engine market over conventional 4-stroke. Continuous combustion in an insulated combustion chamber eliminates wet-stacking, improves engine fuel efficiency, and allows for the use of many types of fuels including diesel, JP-8, alcohol, and bio-diesel. Complete combustion of fuels results in low emissions which are not adversely affected by sulfur containing fuels. The larger expansion ratio also produces less noise and a smaller heat foot print. In addition the K6 is designed as a modification to existing 4-stroke engine technology which enhances its adoption and marketability into a global market.