System for Automated Test and Integrity Verification (SAT-IV)
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-184
Topic Title: System for Automated Test and Integrity Verification (SAT-IV)
Proposal No.: N082-184-0540
Firm: Impact Technologies, LLC
200 Canal View Blvd
Rochester, New York 14623
Contact: Patrick Kalgren
Phone: (585) 424-1990
Web Site:
Abstract: In response to SBIR topic N08-184, Impact Technologies proposes to develop and demonstrate an automated monitoring system with the ability to detect, identifying, and repair performance problems within a widely distributed submarine combat system. The proposed non-invasive Prognostic and Health management (PHM) system, consisting of layered software applications and selectively chosen hardware signal interfaces, will be capable of identifying anomalous system behavior, interpreting the variety and location of the symptom's cause, and automatically making necessary corrective actions when human input is not required. In this approach, real-time parametric system characterization will accumulate necessary features to facilitate a dynamic learning ability, thereby increasing prediction level confidence. An automated system detection tool will have the ability to integrate new system components into the prediction models, while automated monitoring tools provide the signals necessary to determine system health through a refined proprietary signal verification and validation application. Integrated logistics and maintenance support will allow even the most basically trained crew member to preserve expected system performance. In order to provide next generation submerged vessels the ability to perform their intended missions, these abilities are necessary to ensure peak system performance during combat scenarios.
Benefits: The development and integration of an automated test and support routine for a submarine's distributed combat system will provide multiple benefits, including: improved safety associated with system operations, reduced life cycle or total ownership costs, and increased combat readiness/availability of military systems. Additionally, this work will contain modular building blocks that are applicable to a variety of military and commercial applications. The distributed system monitoring approach can be applied to a plethora of sea-borne naval vessels, as well as, large aircraft and other multifaceted vehicles of both military and commercial purpose.