Wireless Automated Service Oriented Architecture Capable Traffic Manager
Navy SBIR FY2008.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2008.2
Topic No.: N08-173
Topic Title: Wireless Automated Service Oriented Architecture Capable Traffic Manager
Proposal No.: N082-173-0904
Firm: Broadata Communications, Inc.
2545 W. 237th Street, Suite K
Torrance, California 90505-5229
Contact: Matheos Kazantzidis
Phone: (310) 530-1416
Web Site: www.broadatacom.com
Abstract: The Navy seeks to support development of an automated intelligent network traffic management algorithms and implementations to support OA/SOA network communications over constrained communications channels. Broadata Communications, Inc. (BCI) proposes to develop a new Wireless Automated Service Oriented Architecture Capable Traffic Manager (STM) based on its innovations in incorporating new network measurement technology in middle-box QoS network management. It focuses on providing two imperative features: the automated management of network resources without reconfiguration and the effective utilization and prioritization of Navy services over a network that includes wireless long propagation links. The intelligence of our solution is based on an innovative, network independent and humanly intuitive measurement of available bandwidth, automated bottleneck link bandwidth estimation, traffic differentiation, and traffic forecasting. We propose to put those unique abilities for achieving superior performance for the Navy problem at hand.
Benefits: The STM is directly applicable to the Navy networks. In addition to the Navy's network system applications. This technology is also applicable to many military real-time sensor data collection and processing operations and to mission critical C4SI network applications, especially when using SOA. In general, almost every networking facet of the Navy can benefit from the STM. Commercially the STM technology will also address large markets with many applications in dynamic bandwidth management and QoS requirements, as well as network visibility and fault management, and (mobile) enterprise SOA traffic management.