Advanced ferrite materials for next generation high power microwave (HPM) generation systems
Navy SBIR FY2010.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2010.2
Topic No.: N102-167
Topic Title: Advanced ferrite materials for next generation high power microwave (HPM) generation systems
Proposal No.: N102-167-0995
Firm: Metamagnetics Inc.
36 Station St
Sharon, Massachusetts 02067
Contact: Anton Geiler
Phone: (617) 780-7983
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Abstract: Metamagnetics Inc. proposes to leverage its expertise in the development, synthesis and characterization of advanced ferrites for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications to identify, analyze and address the ferrite materials challenges pertaining to high power microwave (HPM) generation systems developed in recent years. Measurement techniques that assess the performance of commercially available ferrite materials in HPM applications will be developed during the proposed Phase I effort. These techniques will be utilized to conduct a comprehensive study and identify materials properties responsible for the current limitations in operational capabilities of HPM systems, such as frequency limits of operation, peak power capability, repetition rate, high frequency losses, as well as system size, cost and weight. Theoretical models describing the dynamic saturation processes and magnetic viscosity of ferrite materials under fast rise-time pulse excitations will be developed and predictions compared with experimental data. These experiments will establish a solid foundation for the development of advanced ferrite materials specifically optimized for HPM generation applications in a follow-on Phase II effort. A systematic characterization of ferrite materials in the context of HPM has never been attempted and may prove enabling to the development of next generation systems with enhanced capabilities.
Benefits: Current DoD HPM technology transition plans are focused on aircraft self protection, anti-ship missile defense, counter munitions, Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) and C2W/IW. Potential Warfighter payoffs include generic protection against a wide variety of missile/munition threats, improved effectiveness and lower attrition rates of friendly systems, and negation of enemy command, control, and general information systems. The total available high power microwave and mm-wave sources market, presently dominated by vacuum electron devices, is valued at approximately $1B. Commercial applications include space communications, energy research and medical electronics systems. The technology discussed in this proposal will lead to the realization of next generation HPM sources that are all solid-state, reliable, efficient, and scalable. As a result, these devices are expected to capture a significant share of the global high power microwave sources market.