Valve Stem Isolation (VSI)
Navy SBIR FY2010.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2010.2
Topic No.: N102-160
Topic Title: Valve Stem Isolation (VSI)
Proposal No.: N102-160-1103
Firm: Mide Technology Corporation
200 Boston Avenue Suite 1000
Medford, Massachusetts 02155-3502
Contact: Attlia Lengyel
Phone: (781) 306-0609
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Abstract: Currently the United States Navy fleet consists of thousands of valves per ship. Carriers can have up to 10,000 valves. The valves require routine maintenance to prevent failures that could lead to catastrophes.. Valves typically fail when the packing gland is compromised. This can happen when fluids slowly corrode the stem and cause leaks. The packing gland can be tightened to stop leaks but eventually the valve requires maintenance. Maintenance consists of removing the verdigris from the components, honing each component to like new condition, and replacing the packing gland. Mide has an innovative concept to prevent corrosive fluids from corroding the valve stem and packing gland. Mide proposes to use a rolling diaphragm to prevent fluids from entering the valve stem. Mide's Valve Stem Isolation design will prevent fluids from entering the valve stem and prolong the life of a valve. A rolling diaphragm will be inserted between the stem and gate and secured at the perimeter of the valve body. By accomplishing this, Mide will increase the life of the valve and increase the time between routine maintenance.
Benefits: Mide's valve stem isolation design minimizes the risk of valve failure by preventing fluids from corroding the valve stem and packing. This design increases the time between routine maintenance, which saves millions of dollars. Mides design can be implemented on any size valves. This innovative design does not require any substantial manufacturing modifications. Therefore Mide can produce a working valve in a timely manner using the current manufacturing processes. This novel valve concept can be implanted into gate and globe valves, which are mainly used aboard naval and commercial ships. The market for valves is very large and shows great potential for a commercialized product.