Gas Turbine Engine Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Shipboard Module Development
Navy SBIR FY2010.3

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2010.3
Topic No.: N103-229
Topic Title: Gas Turbine Engine Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Shipboard Module Development
Proposal No.: N103-229-0533
Firm: Concepts ETI, Inc.
217 Billings Farm Road
White River Jct, Vermont 05001-9486
Contact: Francis DiBella
Phone: (781) 937-4718
Web Site:
Abstract: Concepts NREC will perform a feasibility analysis of a Brayton Cycle-based, supercritical CO2 (S-CO2) system to recover waste heat from an MT-30 gas turbine used in marine applications. The S-CO2 cycle has been promoted in several DOE studies as an efficient prime mover system for heat sources less than 1500 oF. A preliminary feasibility analysis conducted by Concepts NREC has indicated a power improvement of 20% for the MT-30. The analysis will also consider the integration of thermoelectric generator system(s) within the S-CO2 cycle. The power improvement can be as high as 27% with TEG. TEG's use cycle temperature differences to generate electric power and effectively increases the cycle efficiency to almost the limit of the Carnot Cycle efficiency. The proposal to integrate TEG systems into waste heat exchangers will use the work done by Maine Maritime Academy and Mr. Wallace of Thermoelectric Power Systems, LLC sponsored by American Bureau of Shipping and Office of Naval Research. Also considered is an auxiliary combustion system to provide thermal stability during the prime mover transient power demands. Phase 1 will culminate in an economic analysis for the recovery system to assess its economical viability to save fuel and system O&M costs.
Benefits: The proposed project with improbve the energy energy efficiency of th MT-30 prime mover poweer system for the navy and other commecial vessels. The improvement will also include the transient, fatigue of the materials of construction used in the power recovery system. The economics will also indicate a savings in fuel and operation & maintenance costs.