Low Noise Torpedo Power Supply
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-032
Topic Title: Low Noise Torpedo Power Supply
Proposal No.: N131-032-0353
Firm: QorTek, Inc.
1965 Lycoming Creek Road
Suite 205
Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17701-1294
Contact: Ross Bird
Phone: (570) 322-2700
Web Site: www.qortek.com
Abstract: QorTek and Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Sensors (LM MS2) are together proposing a new advanced integrated topology converter architecture that would significantly improve both low frequency rejection, the high frequency switching noise content and still fit within the confines of the design envelope. As the prime contractor for the MK48 CBASS torpedo, MS2 is uniquely positioned to work with QorTek in both assuring that the developed units meet performance requirements and providing the technology transition path directly to production line of the MK48. Low frequency noise that is not rejected by the power supply will couple to the sonar system hardware and will reduce the high performance extended bandwidth of the CBASS (Common Broadband Acoustic Sonar System) transmit and receive functions. The approach is to develop a modular solution in line with Navy torpedo performance upgrade programs to counter continuously evolving threats upgrades of the Mk-48. The central aim will be to design this new, very low noise power supply solution that will enable full wide bandwidth utilization of the MK48 torpedo through its novel noise reducing injection signal circuitry, such that at every stage within the power supply noise reduction, rejection, emissions will be addressed.
Benefits: QorTek will actively pursue the proposed Mk48 technology path while at the same time leveraging the advancements toward other areas. Current customer contacts within the automotive market will be pursued, with follow on funding for integration into existing hardware systems to be easily attained as close packaged, low noise power conversion being highest on the list of key risk areas. Additional applications are with Industrial instrumentation, precision positioning, specialized test equipment (SEM), and medical technology. All these systems would also greatly benefit from the introduction of A��,��"Clean powerA��,�A? technology. Reduced size, less filtering, performance gains would aid in the wide spread penetration of Piezo based solutions. Currently one of the biggest drawback of Piezo based actuation, positioning, and manipulation is that of the control power conversion stage, as QorTek has already solved the driver technology area many years ago and has been since tackling improvements in conversion. The technology proposed here will directly benefit all of these applications.