Shipboard Software Deployment Tools for Complex Heterogeneous Systems
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-038
Topic Title: Shipboard Software Deployment Tools for Complex Heterogeneous Systems
Proposal No.: N131-038-0642
Firm: Progeny Systems Corporation
9500 Innovation Drive
Manassas, Virginia 20110
Contact: Jim Covington
Phone: (860) 449-1273
Web Site:
Abstract: Naval Combat Systems have evolved into complex systems, based on networked collections of heterogeneous software from different vendors. As a result of these efforts, combat systems have become a pinnacle of complexity in terms of software deployment activities. This issue is exacerbated when ships force personnel who are charged with the operation and maintenance of these systems do not possess the same levels of expertise and skill that the software vendors utilize when delivering software to a platform. When these factors are combined together in a casualty or outage situation onboard a vessel, it results in a real loss in ship capability and operational readiness. The solution that Progeny Systems will deploy to address these software deployment challenges will integrate our existing strategies and strengths in the end-user minimal concept, paired with an innovative software framework that provides tools and libraries to streamline the software deployment process. The software framework will be packaged into a standard hardware product for delivery, drawing on a couple of feasible, innovative strategies for software deployment. The system will be designed with an open architecture both in hardware and software, which provisions the solution to be extensible and scalable to other technologies, platforms and projects.
Benefits: By designing the software deployment solution as a reusable framework with libraries to support deployment actions, the ability to perform updates and revisions to deployed software products becomes simpler and more cost effective. Also, as the framework and the libraries are not geared toward a specific system or suite, the solution can be applied to other branches and services within the government and military. In using the software deployment solution, there will be reduction on the workload of ships force and their application learning curve, as the interface and tool will be consistent and simple. The software deployment solution will lower the cost of software deployment, directly impacting the maintenance and life-cycle costs of any given program or application suite. In addition, because the framework is a generic, reusable core to support software deployment in the fleet, it could result in a more rapid deployment of software without highly trained installation personnel. Over time less and less effort is needed in software deployment activities.