Adaptive Gaming Environment - Submarines (AGE-S)
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-078
Topic Title: Adaptive Gaming Environment - Submarines (AGE-S)
Proposal No.: N131-078-0612
Firm: In-Depth Engineering Co
11350 Random Hills Road
Suite 110
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Contact: Kevin McCardle
Phone: (703) 592-0776
Web Site:
Abstract: The "Adaptive Gaming Environment - Submarines" (AGE- S) integrates and synchronizes simulated EW data with OBT/SMMTT data to support integrated team training , provide a stand-alone training mode for individualized instruction using EW serious addictive games in accordance with evolving cognitive science research, and an Assessment capability that is suitable for evaluation of complex multi-path tasks and measurement of desired skills against a Virtual Mentor (VirtEx). AGE-S will compliment the next generation requirements for enhancing submarine EW operations including digitizing signals at the sensor level and improving the signal processing and Control and Display (C&D) sub-systems.
Benefits: AGE-S implements a serious addictive game framework to improve operator proficiency; leveraging cognitive science research and commercial gaming technology to produce an addictive game that addresses long standing proficiency issues. It also provides a robust artificial-intelligence capability (using Dynamic Bayesian Networks) to conduct operator performance assessment in the execution of multi-pathway tasks; tasks that can be accomplished correctly using numerous sequences of operations. These technologies taken singularly (or the two together) present numerous straight forward commercialization opportunities. Within the Department of the Navy, we envision use of serious games as a way to train sonar, radar, ESM and HM&E operators. Within the commercial marketplace, we believe that mission critical functions in which operator tasks are complex - and errors have substantial consequence - is the most appropriate target for our serious addictive game. Operators at nuclear power plants, waste water treatment plants, shipping-container yards, and air-traffic controllers are all reasonable commercialization targets.