Craft Hull Impact and Abrasion Resistance
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-022
Topic Title: Craft Hull Impact and Abrasion Resistance
Proposal No.: N131-022-0819
Firm: Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.
9063 Bee Caves Road
Austin, Texas 78733-6201
Contact: Harry Perkinson
Phone: (512) 263-2101
Web Site:
Abstract: A polymeric based hull protection system will be developed. The development will take three approaches. In the first approach, plates of Aluminum 5086 will be bonded to the hull in appropriate locations. In the second approach, polymeric energy absorbing layers will be applied to the hull in appropriate thickness to provide impact and abrasion resistance to the hull. In the third approach, a composite material based on an aramid fiber reinforcement will be used to build up areas on the hull that need impact and abrasion resistance. The proposed approach has been used commercially to prevent corrosion, impact damage and wear in structures that see high use in harsh environments. The polymeric system on which the proposed approach is based is low cost, tough, and easy to process. The polymeric system shows environmental stability and durability in maritime environments. The polymeric based protection system is very lightweight and does not require a significant amount of volume to provide significant improvements in impact and abrasion resistance. The proposed protection system can be contractor supplied or the Navy can perform the efforts to install the system; the processing is relatively simple.
Benefits: Protecting high performance Navy craft hulls from impact and abrasion damage will result in more mission readiness and availability. The protection system will reduce amount of downtime and expend the time between downtime periods The protection system will not compromise the long term integrity of the hull.