Advanced Shipboard Mission Payload Handling System
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-054
Topic Title: Advanced Shipboard Mission Payload Handling System
Proposal No.: N131-054-0766
Firm: Hstar Technologies
625 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Contact: Yi-Je Lim
Phone: (617) 229-5748
Web Site:
Abstract: Hstar proposes a mobile, advanced, agile, adaptable handling (A3-Hand) system for shipboard mission payload handling. On the LCS seaframes, A3-Hand's ability to remotely load, unload and transport a wide variety of payloads in and around ISO containers and mission vehicles will immediately improve LCS's operations efficiency. We anticipate that the A3-Hand platform can become a ubiquitous tool for both the military and industry. Our key innovations includes several components: a highly maneuverable Omni-directional mobile platform with an adaptable footprint, a highly reconfigurable fork / end-effector design with high dexterity and strength for the various types of payloads, an efficient control system and ergonomic control unit, and an intuitive operator feedback system for diagnostic capabilities. The A3-Hand system will be designed with the following consideration; 1) Improved platform motion capability and improved forks/arms positioning capability; 2) Enhanced human-machine interface and enhanced functionality for both LCS seaframes; 3) Enhanced reachability, manipulability, and maneuverability with better controls; 4) Reduced equipment footprint and weight; 5) Reduced operator workload with task space control; and 6) Enhanced robustness with fault detection.
Benefits: The Hstar's mobile advanced, agile, adaptable handling (A3-Hand) system with omni-directional wheels and hydraulic, compliant actuation will become a ubiquitous tool for both military and commercial cargo handling in austere locations. Applications of A3-Hand system include 1) container and truck loading and unloading, 2) warehouse material handling, and 3) manufacturing plant floor automation. Future planned improvements to the system include autonomous navigation and cargo handling, real-time cargo identification, optimization and control of inventory, and synchronization with on-board inventory systems. These advances will allow A3-Hand to become a fully autonomous, adaptable robotic system and completely transform the way goods are handled around the world.