Automated Target Area Threat and Route Optimization
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-004
Topic Title: Automated Target Area Threat and Route Optimization
Proposal No.: N131-004-0605
Firm: Inkographics
7925 Romaine Street
suite 306
West Hollywood, California 90046-7187
Contact: Inna Abramova
Phone: (323) 401-5122
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Abstract: This effort will develop a software tool with the ability for near real-time threat and target area routing and de-confliction capability. Through the use of innovative algorithms based on reactive-navigation, extension of Genetic Algorithm work, and software architecture it will optimize the performance of multiple platforms by increasing survivability and increasing probability of kill in a dynamic, high threat environment. The design will be robust enough to accommodate platform enhancements, onboard/offboard jamming, reactive Suppression of Enemy Air Defense measures, and minimize strike platform exposure. The proposed development builds upon BeemmLink - the software framework for modeling, simulation, visualization, and analysis of dynamical systems The proposed effort will result in the proof-of-concept implementation of functionalities for asset allocation and path-planning/motion-planning. We will determine minimal acceptable asset packages that maximize the probability of reaching their designated targets, and use these elementary packages for constructing viable asset groups. These implementations will demonstrate that BeemmLink is capable of efficiently handling the required computational complexity of algorithms commonly used in the context of mission planning.
Benefits: The proposed software together with algorithmic solution for asset allocation and path-planning/ motion-planning will be of interest to DoD departments that deal with mission planning for manned and/or unmanned assets. It will also be useful for R&D in the area of traffic control, in particular robotic motion control and de-confliction, in particular for path and motion planning in partially known and dynamically changing environments. Due to the modular nature of the proposed software and the resulting ease of its customization to the needs of a specific project, inclusion of BeemmLink software package into modeling and simulation pipeline used by the majority of engineering companies is expected to be feasible.