Fiber Optic Bi-Directional Amplifying Repeater
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-015
Topic Title: Fiber Optic Bi-Directional Amplifying Repeater
Proposal No.: N131-015-0944
Firm: Vega Wave Systems, Inc.
1275 West Roosevelt Road
Suite 104
West Chicago, Illinois 60185-4815
Contact: Tony Moretti
Phone: (630) 562-9433
Web Site:
Abstract: The Navy needs an optical repeater based upon the NGCON (MIL-PRF-64266) because the optical power loss budget on military aircraft is demanding. A bi-directional optical amplifying repeater would address the optical loss issue of connecting a fiber optic link in the aircraft network. Challenges include meeting the requirements for shock and vibration, operating temperature range, and optical port flexibility supported by the NGCON connector family. A design that enables the number of fiber ports required presents a major challenge to any optical repeater technology when size, weight, and power are considered. To address this, Vega Wave Systems and Illum Technologies will design an NGCON-based fiber optic repeater utilizing Illum's patented Ferrule-Pak technology that is 5x smaller than the smallest commercially available transmitter/receiver optical subassemblies.
Benefits: The Ferrule-Pak technology will have a significant impact in the fiber optic marketplace. The Internet's explosive demand for high bandwidth has driven each generation of fiber optic solutions to increase both speed and port density. Over the last decade there has been little progress on increasing port density. Transceiver technology utilizing Ferrule-Paks will not only have the increased bandwidth, but also increased the port density at least 3x over the current SFP+ products.