Bio-fuel Reforming for High-Efficiency Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Generators
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-067
Topic Title: Bio-fuel Reforming for High-Efficiency Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Generators
Proposal No.: N131-067-0066
Firm: Acumentrics
20 Southwest Park
Westwood, Massachusetts 02090
Contact: Neil Fernandes
Phone: (781) 461-8251
Web Site:
Abstract: Acumentrics proposes to utilize the unique properties of bio-fuel to deliver an integral reformer system that will directly utilize the thermal and electrochemical effect of the fuel cell through Acumentrics' tubular technology. This intimate contact with the fuel cell will levelize heat transfer and supply energy for reforming, enabling the reduction of air-supplied oxygen to the system. With Acumentrics' knowledge of 10kW operations, it will be shown that this unique bio-fuel system will supply over 40%LHV net efficiency. This Phase I proposal will describe an aggressive pathway to proving this technological breakthrough, demonstrating a major first step to the build of a 10kW fuel cell building block operating on bio-fuel.
Benefits: This system will enable the direct utilization of bio-fuels in Acumentrics commercial remote power systems. This will provide an environmentally sound low carbon emission customer option for remote power that is expected to grow significantly in subsequent years.