Rapid and Accurate High-Resolution Radar Signature Prediction of Sea Targets
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-003
Topic Title: Rapid and Accurate High-Resolution Radar Signature Prediction of Sea Targets
Proposal No.: N131-003-0977
Firm: Remcom Inc.
315 S. Allen St.
Suite 416
State College, Pennsylvania 16801
Contact: Gary Bedrosian
Phone: (814) 861-1299
Web Site: http://www.remcom.com
Abstract: High-fidelity predictions of the radar cross sections of ships at sea at X-band and above are complicated by the presence of interactions between the important scattering objects on the ship, with sizes comparable to a few wavelengths, and the larger structures of the ship which are electrically large. Interactions with the ocean surface are also important. Different electromagnetic analysis techniques are required for the small and large structures, and so the use of a single technique will either be computationally prohibitive (in the case of full-wave techniques suited for small structures) or inaccurate (in the case of high-frequency asymptotic solutions for large structures). In the proposed Phase I project, we will use a hybrid technique that combines regions where a full-wave solver is applied with regions where a high-frequency solver is applied, overcoming the limitations of using a single technique for both. This work will build on a previous successful prototype of this basic concept for simpler systems involving only one small object, using Remcom's commercial XFdtd (full-wave) and XGtd (high-frequency) EM analysis software. After feasibility is demonstrated in Phase I, the prototype hybrid solver will be developed into a commercial product in Phase II.
Benefits: The outcome of this SBIR will be a hybrid computational modeling and simulation tool that seamlessly integrates high-fidelity, full-wave predictions of scattering from small-scale objects with high-frequency asymptotic predictions of scattering from large-scale surfaces, including interactions between the multiple scales. The result will be a comprehensive capability to accurately predict complex radar signatures from ships and boats at sea, optimized and hardware-accelerated to provide reasonable computation times. Such a capability will provide a highly accurate solution for radar applications throughout military and commercial sectors, including scenarios with air, space, and ground vehicles, boats and ships, and any other applications with complex objects that have multi-scale features.