Advancing the State of the Art in Artificial Intelligence for Simulation Training
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-062
Topic Title: Advancing the State of the Art in Artificial Intelligence for Simulation Training
Proposal No.: N131-062-0207
Firm: Soar Technology, Inc.
3600 Green Court
Suite 600
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105-2588
Contact: Brian Stensrud
Phone: (407) 542-7830
Web Site:
Abstract: The USMC has an immediate need for a framework and infrastructure with which state-of-the-art AI technologies can be integrated to replace simplistic CGF behaviors in virtual simulation platforms such as VBS2. SoarTech, along with our partner Aptima, proposes to apply our vast expertise in the design, development and integration of artificial intelligence technologies, bringing it to bear to help develop more realistic entity-level scenarios for USMC simulated training. Most crucial to our work will be the design and development of a full infrastructure, called SERUM (Simulated training Exercises with Robust Unmanned Models) to support advanced AI for the USMC's simulation technology portfolio. This infrastructure will allow for robust, unmanned entities (Soar-based and otherwise) to exist in both constructive (e.g. OneSAF, JSAF) and virtual (e.g. VBS2) simulation environments simultaneously, and will also include the necessary hooks and mechanisms to allow entities to both perceive the world and make actions within it. Using SERUM, we will then develop prototype robust intelligent agents (and apply existing agents) that can serve as robust, tactically viable role-players for a particular domain (e.g. JTAC training) that require minimal babysitting and maintenance on the part of scenario operators.
Benefits: Much like government-funded virtual environments, commercial games also suffer from a lack of robust, dynamic AI agents that could otherwise serve as intelligent teammates, more challenging enemies, etc. Applying the SERUM technology to game engines that underpin these games would provide developers the means by which to integrate these agents. As a part of our commercialization strategy, SoarTech will explore teaming with game developers during the pre-design phase for new titles. With the explosion of portable devices and more accessible game development platforms such as Unity ( and the Android-based OUYA (, we anticipate a similar explosion of new game developers who would be open to such a partnership.