High Energy and Power Density ALD-Enabled Devices
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-020
Topic Title: High Energy and Power Density ALD-Enabled Devices
Proposal No.: N131-020-0533
Firm: ADA Technologies, Inc.
8100 Shaffer Parkway
Suite #130
Littleton, Colorado 80127-4107
Contact: Weibing Xing
Phone: (303) 792-5615
Web Site: www.adatech.com
Abstract: Envisioned Navy applications ranging from shore-based microgrids to directed energy weapons pose energy storage performance, cost, and scalability requirements that far exceed the capabilities of today's technologies. Electric double-layer capacitors (EDLC) can meet most power demands ($/kW and kW/L) but cannot be used where high energy density is also required. As such, there is a need for a new electrochemical technology that can meet both high-energy and high-power demands using cost-effective materials. To address this need, ADA Technologies, Inc. (ADA) proposes to partner with PneumatiCoat Technologies, a leader in scalable atomic layer deposition (ALD) coatings, to develop an EDLC with high surface area nanocomposite electrodes modified with high dielectric constant metal oxide coatings. The resulting device will be readily scalable, consist of low-cost components, and be effective for tens of thousands of cycles across a wide operational temperature range.
Benefits: If successful, the proposed work will result in EDLCs with energy density that rivals that of a battery. This will be of significant value to any applications that require large amounts of energy to be stored and delivered quickly over several cycles. The technology will also benefit from low cost and high levels of safety. Expected military uses include microgrid storage, weapons power, hybrid vehicles, and man portable power. In addition to military uses, this technology holds potential for utility grid storage and hybrid vehicles, among others.