Ocean Sensor Interface Simulation for Integration Testing
Navy SBIR FY2013.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2013.1
Topic No.: N131-027
Topic Title: Ocean Sensor Interface Simulation for Integration Testing
Proposal No.: N131-027-0330
Firm: ASSETT, Incorporated
11220 ASSETT Loop
Suite 101
Manassas, Virginia 20109-3999
Contact: Robert McCaig
Phone: (703) 365-8940
Web Site: www.assett.net
Abstract: ASSETT, Inc. proposes to develop an acoustic modeling and simulation system that will enable thorough and comprehensive testing of Navy sonar systems prior to their integration with fielded acoustic sensors and arrays. Traditionally, the complexities of accurately simulating the detail characteristics and nuances of acoustic sensors and the ocean environment have precluded providing detail stimulation for testing new sonar systems. The objective of this project is to introduce a capability that enables thorough sonar system testing prior to integration with the acoustic array. The ASSETT approach leverages existing simulation and acoustic data management system to produce a low risk system design approach. The system will produce high fidelity, realistic time series data simulating the performance of specific acoustic array types with the ability to mimic the effects of a wide range of anomalous array performance. This time series data can in turn be used to stimulate the sonar processing system in the development environment allowing the evaluation of how the system responds to both nominal array performance as well as anomalous behavior. In addition, the system will have the capability to receive information the acoustic arrays and perform testing and performance analysis of the array performance.
Benefits: The Sonar System Interface SIM/STIM (SSISS) will make it possible to more thoroughly evaluate the performance of a sonar system prior to the integration of the processing system with the sensor array. This will reduce cost by reducing the time required to perform sensor integration and will reduce rework that would otherwise result from the inability to identify system flaws prior to system deployment. This SSISS also provides the additional benefit of providing a test and analysis capability for the array independent of the sonar processing system. This solution is potentially applicable for testing processing systems for surveillance, security and geologic research industries.