Automated Warhead Characterization
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-007
Topic Title: Automated Warhead Characterization
Proposal No.: N141-007-0482
Firm: MARK Resources, Inc.
3878 Carson Street, Suite 210
Torrance, California 90503-6707
Contact: Richard Mitchell
Phone: (310) 543-4746
Web Site:
Abstract: MARK Resources proposes to develop a radar sensor to be used for warhead characterization in a test environment. The radar will be designed with very high sensitivity to detect small fragments, and also very high resolution in order to isolate most of the individual fragments in the expected large number and high velocity. Such high performance is based on proven technology, making it affordable in an SBIR program. Several software issues that are unique to this application will be addressed in Phase I in order to reduce the risk in proceeding to Phase II, including automatic tracking of multiple objects.
Benefits: Normally there would be a very limited market for a sensor designed to track multiple high-speed objects in a ground test facility, but the sophistication in our design is in software, which makes it readily scalable to a wide range of applications, including tracking munitions fired from any direction and at any rate. It is also applicable to border and harbor surveillance where continuous observation allows very slow moving targets to be detected and potential threats to be classified.