Automated Deployment & Retrieval of UUV's from USV's at High Sea States
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-058
Topic Title: Automated Deployment & Retrieval of UUV's from USV's at High Sea States
Proposal No.: N141-058-1038
Firm: Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc.
5716 Cleveland Street, Suite 100
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
Contact: Carl Conti
Phone: (757) 461-5206
Web Site:
Abstract: The objective of this proposal is to design & develop a system for automated deployment & retrieval of UUV's from a USV while operating in high sea states has evolved from previous extensive developmental research. The current objective is to perform the associated tasks of deployment & retrieval utilizing atomization. Previously, successful deployment & retrieval operations have required human interaction in low sea states. Additionally, variable physical parameters relating to surface craft, towed body weights, operating depth, etc. are a key focal point tasked to the program. Consideration of all these variables is critical to ensure program objectives are addressed
Benefits: As Navy continues development of Autonomous Maritime Programs the technology acquired from the Automated Deployment & Retrieval of UUV's from USV's at high sea states can establish criteria critical to supporting additional developmental programs. The potential buyers for this technology will be the US Navy along with other agencies within the Federal Government. The end-users will benefit from the capability of a USV deploying & retrieving UUV's utilizing automation, along with the applicability of incorporating the technology within other applications. This capability provides invaluable technology for Autonomous Maritime Missions. Automated technology, as this program employs, will provide the necessary framework for continued development of other programs.