POLIS: Pattern of Life Integrated System
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-075
Topic Title: POLIS: Pattern of Life Integrated System
Proposal No.: N141-075-0127
Firm: Modus Operandi, Inc.
709 South Harbor City Blvd., Suite 400
Melbourne, Florida 32901-1936
Contact: Eric Little
Phone: (321) 473-1400
Web Site: http://www.modusoperandi.com
Abstract: This proposal describes a technology system called POLIS (Pattern of Life Integrated System), which combines research in stochastic graph matching with logic-based semantic graph techniques to provide intelligence analysts superior capabilities for performing activity-based intelligence - specifically pattern of life calculation - in near-real time. Combining math-based with logic-based techniques provides an advanced technology platform that intelligence analysts can use for manipulation of large-scale graphs, both in terms of their categorical metadata as well as statistical characteristics surrounding weighted relationships, trust, and provenance/pedigree. The computational outputs of performing various types of graph matching/aligning are driven to a user-friendly semantic wiki, where humans can easily interact with the data and effectively represent and track POL activities of various types. The intuitive wiki platform allows users to deal with basic entity types such as persons, organizations, times, locations, etc., thereby shielding them from the complex graph heuristics being performed under the hood. POLIS is built upon a MapReduce framework making it highly scalable for multiple users and applications running at cloud-scale.
Benefits: POLIS as a high-value sub-system, and component-level extension of, our Modus Operandi Wave and BLADE Platforms. This proven approach enables new features to plug-in to a common open and extensible framework, providing the best payback for technical reuse, which leverages our existing unified commercial platform product offering's momentum and resources. Our three-pronged approach to achieving this strategy is to: (1) transition the POLIS technology to The Marine Corps and/or DCGS-N, (2) deploy the technology to our other existing defense and intelligence sector customers, and (3) leverage partnerships with prime contractors while adding to our own direct-sales commercial product and support services channel. The results of this effort would be creation of a state-of-the-art intelligence platform that provides analysts with capabilities to manipulate many data types (as graphs of different types) within a common software package. Results would be driven to a host of GOTS or custom designed UIs, resulting in a comprehensive workbench for analysts to use for complex entity tracking, identification and disambiguation. The platform spans from the inbound processing and exploiting of multi-source intelligence data from a variety of data sources, to "semantic enrichment" and associated intelligent analytics, to machine reasoning, to a library of open user-interface widgets, to semantic wiki collaboration dashboards. Production deployment spans across a number of operational systems and programs, bringing value to the warfighter because it supports numerous simultaneous users with near-real time data querying capabilities of semantically enriched graph-based data. The architecture provides a cloud-scalable front end toolset capable of performing second to sub-second queries over graphs containing 2+ billion triples.