Framework for Refining Extensible and Flexible APB Combat Systems Training for Operator Readiness (REFACTOR)
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-027
Topic Title: Framework for Refining Extensible and Flexible APB Combat Systems Training for Operator Readiness (REFACTOR)
Proposal No.: N141-027-0065
Firm: Charles River Analytics Inc.
625 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138-4555
Contact: Sean Guarino
Phone: (617) 491-3474
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Abstract: In developing advanced Submarine Combat Systems, the Navy has adopted a rapid cycle of software upgrades that, within the Advanced Processor Build Technical Insertion (APB-TI) schedule, regularly introduce new capabilities. This upgrade cycle has outpaced the development of associated training systems, which use adapted tactical software and system recordings in a classroom environment to replicate combat systems. The Navy needs a low-cost, easily adapted training framework for Submarine Combat Systems that can be upgraded within the APB-TI schedule to train crews to use evolving capabilities. To address this need, we propose to design and demonstrate a framework for Refining Extensible and Flexible APB Combat Systems Training to Enhance Operational Readiness (REFACTOR). REFACTOR provides a mixed-fidelity, multi-strategy, shore-based training framework for Submarine Combat Systems with intuitive, low-cost tools for evolving training to reflect emerging enhancements. REFACTOR is built on an open-architecture game engine that supports extensible and robust training via a variety of game- and media-based learning delivery methods. REFACTOR also provides intuitive authoring tools for rapid updates to game content (e.g., interfaces and computational logic) and training content (e.g., skill trees and learning modules). Combined, these tools provide the Navy with effective training of new capabilities within the APB-TI schedule.
Benefits: We expect the full-scope REFACTOR framework to provide immediate and tangible benefits to submarine crews by providing low-cost, shore-based, up-to-date Submarine Combat Systems training focused on the skills and knowledge needed to effectively apply evolving capabilities from the Advanced Processor Build/Technical Insertions (APB-TIs). The flexible and intuitive authoring capabilities of REFACTOR will provide similar benefits for training evolving systems for other regularly updated vehicles across the military. We will commercialize REFACTOR technologies by pursuing partnerships with high-fidelity simulation developers to extend REFACTOR to other training domains, and by incorporating this new technology within our AgentWorksT product line, increasing its appeal as a commercial product.